A warm welcome to all our visitors to both the website and the group.

We hope we may be of help, support and comfort to you, whether you have been diagnosed with breast cancer or worried about breast problems.

We know from experience that if patients are equipped with information they will be able to deal with the situation in a positive way. Information from the surgeon and breast care nurse is invaluable in coming to terms with a diagnosis of breast cancer.

We also know that support is essential - whether it is support from family members, friends or a specialist group. No matter how confident we may feel a lot of the time, there are always those times when we feel the need for a bit of help. Just knowing there are others in the same situation, who have felt just like us and gone through the same anxieties, really does help.

That is why we keep the support group going, month by month, year by year. There is someone to talk to, to share problems with.

So come along to the group, and have a cup of coffee or fruit juice.

After the speaker there's lots of time for a chat. You will be very, very welcome.



Thank you to all who came to the party in July!  It was a lovely evening and the food was absolutely fabulous! 

Thanks to all who contributed to the Jacob's join.

We are still looking for a new venue for the keep fit group ...... Watch this space!  We are still meeting in St Silas Parish Centre until the end of July after which we will change the venue.

Thank you to Beardwood Hospital for their kindness and hospitality.



Information leaflets for patients, hospitals, doctors’ surgeries etc. and can be obtained by emailing Ruth on ruth.loft@btinternet.com, or by phoning Ruth on 01254 262324.

Alternatively please  CLICK HERE to download a copy of the leaflet.


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